Premium Features

Template Editor

WP Ultimate Recipe Premium comes with an extensive Template Editor that can be used to create Recipe, Recipe Print and Recipe Grid templates however you like in a user-friendly editor. In the Premium Templates section you can find some examples of templates we’ve created and be sure to check out this Video Lesson showcasing the editor […]

User Submissions

In the premium version you can allow your visitors to submit their own recipes, instead of having to create them all by yourself. They can do this from a front-end form (so they don’t have to access the WordPress backend) that you can insert using the Recipe title Your name* Featured image Appetizer Breakfast Dessert […]

Meal Planner & Shopping List

The Meal Planner allows both your visitors and registered users to place recipes on a calendar and generate a shopping list for it. Works great on mobile too! Optionally show the automatically calculated per person nutrition facts for every day as well. Swipe left and right to change dates. Use SHIFT, CTRL or CMD while […]

Saved Meal Plans

As an administrator it is possible to create Meal Plans in the backend and then display them with a shortcode in any post or page. Meal Plans can be created for as many days and recipes as you’d like. Your visitors are then able to generate a shopping list for that Meal Plan or copy […]

User Menus & Shopping List

Tip: Take a look at our Meal Planner, which is basically User Menus 2.0 and the recommend feature to use if you want your visitors to save menus and generate a shopping list. WP Ultimate Recipe Premium allows your users to create their own menus right from the front-end and even generate shopping lists for them. […]

Shopping List Shortcode

After you’ve created a menu with the User Menus feature you can insert the shopping list for this menu wherever you want with the shortcode (use the Shortcode Editor for easy access). It will then show the recipes in the menu and the shopping list, which can be printed. Your visitors can still adjust the […]

Favorite Recipes

On the Recipes > Settings > Favorite Recipes page you can enable the Favorite Recipe button, which allows your logged in users to set their favorite recipes. It will show up as a heart by default (the icon can be changed in the Template Editor): This allows your users to click on it to indicate that recipe as […]

Custom Recipe Tags

The courses and cuisines tags in the free version are great, but with the premium version you can really go wild and assign all the tags you want to your recipes with the custom tags feature. To access the Custom Tags go to Admin -> Custom Tags -> Manage custom recipe tags (the blue button) […]

Custom Recipe Fields

The Premium version allows you to create Custom Fields for your recipes so you can add whatever you want to them by going to the Recipes > Custom Fields page:   When you’ve added a Custom Field it will then be available when entering recipes on the front- and back-end: It will also be available […]

Extended Recipe Index

In the premium version you get an index shortcode that is a lot more flexible than the free one. The basic version is still the same: Mushroom ToastPasta PestoPenne al fornoSpaghetti BologneseSpinach and bacon pastaTom’s Lasagne but now we have a lot more parameters to extend it: group_by – Pick a tag to group your […]

Recipe Grid

The Premium versions includes a free version of our own WP Ultimate Post Grid Premium plugin which allows you to create a Recipe Grid with lots of customization options. The version included with WP Ultimate Recipe Premium is 2.8.2 and will not get updated anymore. For an even better experience we recommend using the latest WP […]

Countdown Timer

Provide an easy way to start a countdown timer for visitors who are cooking your recipe as they are on your page. With the timer text shortcode you can add a timer anywhere in the recipe. Try clicking on “2 hours” or “world record” in the instructions of the following recipe to see it in […]

Import Recipes

No need to throw away all your hard work! WP Ultimate Recipe allows you to import the recipes you’ve already created. We support the following imports: EasyRecipe and EasyRecipe Plus plugin (Video Lesson) RecipeCard by Yumprint plugin (Process equivalent to Ziplist) ReciPress plugin Cooked plugin (Before v1.2 only) Yummly Rich Recipes Ziplist plugin (Video Lesson) FDX […]

Import & Export from XML

In the Premium version you can export all (or a selection) of your recipes to XML and import them again on another website. This is perfect when managing multiple websites or environments with the same recipes. The import from XML feature can also be used to migrate from an old database if you can get […]

Import Ingredients from XML

In the Premium version you can import ingredients and their nutritional data from an XML file. An example XML structure: <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?> <ingredients> <ingredient name=”apple” plural=”apples” link=”” hide_link=”false” group=”Fruit” reference_serving=”100 g” metric_quantity=”100″ metric_quantity_unit=”g” calories=”1866″ carbohydrate=”31″ protein=”28″ fat=”183″ saturated_fat=”30″ polyunsaturated_fat=”20″ monounsaturated_fat=”123″ trans_fat=”” cholesterol=”116″ sodium=”1289″ potassium=”308″ fiber=”1.7″ sugar=”1.7″ vitamin_a=”0.9″ vitamin_c=”0.9″ calcium=”8.7″ iron=”105″/> <ingredient name=”strawberry” plural=”strawberries” hide_link=”true” […]

Custom Ingredient Links

By default, your visitors can click on ingredients and it will take them to an archive page that lists all recipes using that ingredient. This can be quite useful but sometimes you want them to be sent to a specific website, perhaps to a shop where they can buy that ingredient (hello, affiliate marketers!). That’s […]

User Ratings

Premium users can enable User Ratings on the User Ratings settings page. You have the option to allow any of your visitors to rate recipes, or just your logged in users: Once you’ve enabled this feature, people will be able to vote by clicking on the amount of stars they want to give the recipe. […]

More Sharing Buttons

In the Template Editor more social networks and types of sharing buttons are available to you. Currently we support buttons for: Twitter Facebook Google+ Pinterest StumbleUpon LinkedIn Most of these have multiple variants of buttons that can be set in the editor. A simple example of what you can end up with:

Advanced WP Categories

We already have our custom tags feature that allows you to create as many tags for your recipes as you want (e.g. Price, Cuisine, Course, Diet, …) but some of you prefer to use the default WP Categories to assign to their recipes. There are a lot of settings on the Recipe Tags page that […]

Imperial <> Metric Conversion

Reach the entire world and let your visitors pick the unit system they are most comfortabel with by having them dynamically switch between Imperial and Metric (and other) units. You just enter the recipe in the units you want and WP Ultimate Recipe Premium will automatically provide the switch for you! Try it out for […]

Nutritional Information

By integrating with the FatSecret API we can provide you with a large database of nutritional information. This information is saved for each ingredient and can then be used to calculate the nutrition value of your recipes. Take a look at this video lesson to see all of this in action. The nutritional information can […]