WP Ultimate Recipe Support

There are plenty of ways of getting help with WP Ultimate Recipe:

1. Go through the documentation on the left of this page. All free and Premium features are documented, there are Video Lessons for many topics and some common support questions have already been answered.

2. Chat with us directly using the widget on the bottom right of this page. If we’re currently not available you can also leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

3. Contact us from the Recipes > Settings page on your website. There is a green Support Tab to the right of the screen that can be used to ask us anything you want.

4. Just send us an email.


We usually respond to each and every message within a day. If you didn’t get a response, try emailing us or check your spam folder. Whenever you contact us our support system should notify you by email the moment we’ve received your request.