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Pinning Down Your Pinterest Strategy

There is no way to be successful online today without harnessing the megalith that is social media. Social media is imperative in driving visitors to your site and creating linkbacks that make your site more available to search engines. As a food blogger, it is important to understand the role social media plays in making […]

The Basics of Food Photography

Successful food blogs employ beautiful photography to hook their readers and draw them in. Anyone who cooks knows that one of the biggest appeals of a cookbook is its eye-catching photographs. The same idea applies to your blog. Capturing your hard work and skill on camera will help you take your site to the next […]

Is WordPress Right For My Food Blog?

Getting Started Now that you’ve decided that you’re going to go ahead with this food blog thing, you need to decide what tools you’re going to use to do it. The big question in your head right now is probably, “Should I use WordPress for my new food blog?”. You’ve heard good things about it from […]