Major update for WP Ultimate Recipe

This weekend your favourite WordPress recipe plugin got another major update, introducing some highly requested features for both our free and premium plugin. We’ll be introducing you to all new possibilities extensively in future case studies and blog posts but already want to give you a quick overview today.

Click on one of the new features to see them in action on our demo website:

Recipe Groups

Where before you only had 1 list of ingredients and 1 list of instructions, we now give you the freedom to group them however you want. Both ingredients and instructions can be grouped separately and the intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to do it exactly the way you like.

Clickable Images

Perhaps a tiny feature but one that really enhances the experience for your visitors. It is now possible for them to click on an image to open it in full screen. Best used in combination with a lightbox plugin.

Shareable Recipes

Get your visitors talking! If you enable the sharing feature every recipe will automatically be accompanied by a share button for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest.

User Ratings

Let your users decide how good your recipes are with the user ratings feature. Coming up soon are some widgets to show off the best recipes on your website (as voted by your visitors).

Custom Ingredient Links

It is now possible to specify the link your visitors go to when they click on an ingredient. Great for affiliate marketing or selling your own products.

Advanced WP Categories

Many websites make extensive use of the standard WordPress categories functionality to organize their website. This new update introduces some advanced features to make your recipes work with WP categories just the way you want. Check out the demo website for an example.


So that’s what the latest update was all about in a nutshell. We’ll be covering some of the above features in detail soon, but feel free to play around with them yourselves and let us know what you can come up with.

Any feature requests for future releases are welcome as well!