User Menus & Shopping List

Tip: Take a look at our Meal Planner, which is basically User Menus 2.0 and the recommend feature to use if you want your visitors to save menus and generate a shopping list.

WP Ultimate Recipe Premium allows your users to create their own menus right from the front-end and even generate shopping lists for them. The front-end form can be inserted anywhere using the [ultimate-recipe-user-menus] shortcode. We added it beneath the “Front-end Form” header, so you can try it.

It’s possible to limit the recipes shown in the User Menus select by linking it to an existing (limited) grid: [ultimate-recipe-user-menus posts_from_grid="grid name"].

The add to shopping list button can also be used to add recipes to the user menu from any recipe page. Check out this video lesson to see it in action.

Front-end Form

No recipes in your menu yet



In the recipe settings you get to decide if this feature is enabled and restrict it to registered users only or everyone. Registered users have the advantage that they can edit their own menus afterwards.