Extended Recipe Index

In the premium version you get an index shortcode that is a lot more flexible than the free one. The basic version is still the same: [ultimate-recipe-index] but now we have a lot more parameters to extend it:

  • group_by – Pick a tag to group your recipes or group by author
  • sort_by – Sort by title, date, author or random
  • sort_order – Ascending or descending sort
  • limit_by_tag – Pick a tag to limit your recipes
  • limit_by_values – The tag values by which to limit by
  • limit_by_author – Only shows recipes by a specific author
  • limit_recipes – The maximum number of recipes to show

Let’s give you some examples:

Group By

Use group_by=”name” to group by first letter (like in the free version) or use group_by=”name_of_tag” to group by a custom tag of your choice or group_by=”name_of_author” to group by author.

[ultimate-recipe-index group_by="price"] – Group all recipes by the Price tag:



Use sort_by=”x” and sort_order=”y” to define the sorting of your recipes within the (optional) group. Possible values for x: name, title, date, author, rand Possible values for y: ASC, DESC

[ultimate-recipe-index sort_by="date" sort_order="DESC"] – List all recipes from newest to oldest:



Use limit_by_tag=”name_of_tag” and limit_by_values=”tag_val1;tag_val2″ to limit the recipes that are shown in the index. You can also use limit_author=”list_of_author_ids” to only show recipes by a specific author.

[ultimate-recipe-index limit_by_tag="ingredient" limit_by_values="tagliatelle;spaghetti"] – List all recipes that use tagliatelle or spaghetti:


Maximum Number

Use limit_recipes=”#” to limit the number of recipes that are shown in the index.

[ultimate-recipe-index limit_recipes="3" sort_by="date" sort_order="DESC"] – List the 3 most recent recipes:


Combining all of the above

Get creative and combine the available parameters to create the list of recipes you need.

[ultimate-recipe-index group_by="skill-level" limit_by_tag="price" limit_by_values="cheap" sort_by="rand"] – All cheap recipes in a random order, grouped by skill level: