Video Lessons

001 – Introduction

We’ll be adding a series of video lessons to this blog to show off all the things you can do with WP Ultimate Recipe. In this first lesson we introduce you to the plugin and add our first recipe: Feel free to leave any suggestions for future lessons in the comments and subscribe to our […]

002 – Advanced Recipe Features

Our second video lesson expands on the first by showing you some advanced features you can use when adding recipes to your blog. Check it out if you want to learn about: Ingredient Groups Instruction Groups Instruction Images Putting the recipe where you want in the post

003 – Unit Conversion

We’ve just released a new WP Ultimate Recipe Core and Premium update and this video lesson shows the new features in these updates. In the video: Hide recipes in your admin posts overview Allow your visitors to switch between Imperial and Metric units Group your Recipe Index by author

004 – Old Recipe Grid

In this video lesson: The new Multi-Select feature for the Recipe Grid Important: This Video Lesson covered an old version of the Recipe Grid. As of version 2.2.3 there is a New Recipe Grid.

006 – User Menus

Important: We recommend using the new Meal Planner feature instead. In this video lesson: The redesigned User Menus and Shopping List feature

007 – Extended Recipe Grid Shortcode

In this video lesson: The Recipe Grid shortcode: limit by a specific tag or category Important: This Video Lesson covers an old version of the Recipe Grid. As of version 2.2.3 there is a New Recipe Grid.

008 – Text Import & Print Template

In this video lesson: The beta version of our new Plain Text Import feature How to change the template of the recipes print version Important: The Print settings in this Video Lesson aren’t used anymore. All of this (and more) can now be changed in the Template Editor. The Plain Text Import feature has since […]

014 – Custom Fields

In this video lesson: Creating Custom Fields for your recipes Adding your Custom Fields to the Recipe Template

017 – Nutritional Information

In this video lesson: Retrieving nutritional information for ingredients Calculating the nutritional information for recipes Displaying the Nutrition Label in a recipe post, using shortcodes and with the widget