Common Issues

404 – Page not found

Whenever you get a 404 error when you didn’t expect it, there’s a chance that flushing your permalinks will solve the problem. Luckily this is really easy. Just go to your WordPress backend and go to Settings > Permalinks. All you have to do there is click on the Save Changes button on the bottom of the page. We also recommend using the Post […]

Converting old posts

You you can switch from a normal post to a recipe post with a plugin like Post Type Switcher. Important: make sure the permalink structure for your recipes is the same as the one for your normal posts. By default WP Ultimate Recipe uses the /recipe/ slug, but if this doesn’t correspond with your current setup […]

Missing Recipe Box

In some themes the actual Recipe Box doesn’t seem to appear, only the title and normal content is shown. If that is the case for you, try adding this custom code to your theme’s functions.php file: function wpurp_recipe_content_loop_check( $ignore_query ) { if( is_main_query() ) $ignore_query = false; return $ignore_query; } add_filter( ‘wpurp_recipe_content_loop_check’, ‘wpurp_recipe_content_loop_check’ ); If […]

Recipe Box below content

It can happen that the Recipe Box appears below any sharing buttons or other fields that should be at the end of the content. If that’s the case, try using the shortcode to specify where you want the Recipe Box or contact us and we can probably provide you with a fix.

Featured Image box missing

Some themes only allow featured images for posts, which is why you won’t be able to add a nice photo of your finished dish to your recipe. If you tried adding a featured image but can’t seem to find the Featured Image box, this might be the case for your theme. Try switching to a default WordPress theme to […]